Services We Offer


Labor Law Compliance

We partner with you to provide your management team with the education & tools necessary to avoid fines & penalties that may be imposed by Federal and State agencies.

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Risk Assessment

A mock DOL audit helps to gather information about your company’s employment practices and to then determine your potential financial and morale strengths and weaknesses.

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Cost Containment

Reduce risk of fines, penalties, & overhead costs by improving processes & decision making criteria. We can also help to improve your hiring process for accurate hire first time.

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Management Training

There are many trainings that are necessary to reduce the risk of discrimination, wage and hour, or wrongful termination suits against your company.

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Policy Development

Policies help communicate company expectations to employees while at work or conducting business. We help create employee handbooks & individual policies.

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Process Development

Having a process in place for various tasks within the business environment provides consistency, direction and empowerment of your employees.

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Employee Development

Investing in your employees shows that you value them and opens communication gateways. It also increases morale, longevity, and reduces turnover.

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Strategic Planning & Management

We will work with you to develop the tools, resources, and human capital necessary to help you achieve your goals and smooth out the management process.

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