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HR Synergy, LLC is your outsourced solution to keeping you abreast of the labor law regulations that apply to your business. 


We work with you to ensure compliance, provide management training and assist you with employee development.


Don’t leave your HR needs to Google! Have an HR question? Call us pronto!

“HR at Your Service” provides organizations of all sizes access to HR professionals. We are here to address your HR-related questions with up-to-date support. Our hotline offers easy to access HR experts who will boost your workplace potential and reduce compliance liability through an affordable monthly membership. Membership starts as low as $149/month and provides unlimited access to our HR Hotline and HR professionals.

*We are not attorneys and do not offer Legal advice, however help you to understand what your responsibilities are to follow the employment laws applicable to your business and recommend tools to assist you with being compliant.

How do we Work?

With “HR at Your Service” by HR Synergy, you have a dedicated HR Consultant who gives you real-world answers to your HR questions from policy to compliance to various workplace issues.

How will our “HR at Your Service” Hotline benefit your team?

– Saves you time and resources
– Keeps your organization up-to-date with HR regulations
– Questions answered by HR professionals Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm ET
– Resolve many HR management issues during the initial call
– Emails pertinent to resources and a call summary.

What are common topics we address?

– HR Policies & Procedures
– Everyday workplace issues
– Compliance
– Regulatory issues
– Workplace safety
– Recruiting & hiring
– Employment processes (onboarding, discipline, performance management, offboarding)
– Privacy issues
– Training