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Services We Offer

HR at Your Service

“HR at Your Service” provides organizations of all sizes access to HR professionals. We are here to address your HR-related questions with up-to-date support. Our hotline offers easy to access HR experts who will boost your workplace potential and reduce compliance liability through an affordable monthly membership. Membership starts as low as $149/month and provides unlimited access to our HR Hotline and HR professionals.

Full-Service Recruiting

HR Synergy works with our clients to find the right candidate to join their team and seamlessly mesh with their current workforce and culture.

Policy Review & Development

It is necessary for all businesses to establish policies and procedures to protect the rights of the employees and the company. An Employee Handbook is the best way to communicate the company’s expectations consistently to employees. We will work with you to develop a customized handbook and individualized policies that best suit your needs.

Process Development

Having a process in place for various tasks within the business environment provides consistency, direction and empowerment of your employees. We can work with you to develop these types of processes for your business to help improve productivity within your organization.

Management Training

Failure to educate your management team about the various employment laws that apply to your business can be a very costly mistake. From hiring and managing, to termination of employees, there are many areas that are necessary to make sure your management team is working to their highest potential. We offer training and seminars to educate your employees and reduce the risk of discrimination, wage and hour, or wrongful termination suits against your company.

Employee Development

Investing time into properly training and otherwise developing your employees leads to increased morale and longevity. It also shows that you value your employees while opening communication gateways and reducing turnover. Putting time into employee development is a crucial step in the overall development of any company. We can help you with onboarding and offboarding, performance reviews and establishing performance improvement plans.

HR Analysis

A mock DOL (Department of Labor) audit helps gather information about your company’s employment practices throughout the employee life cycle. We can determine your potential financial and moral strengths and weaknesses and help you avoid fines and penalties that may be imposed by an actual DOL audit.

Labor Law Compliance

Whether your business has one employee or 250 employees, various federal and state agencies have implemented rules, laws, and regulations with which you must comply. We partner with you to provide your management team with the education and tools necessary to be in compliance with all State and Federal agencies.