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Learn How Happier Employees = Increased Profits

We’ve all heard how it costs a company a great deal more to hire a new employee than it does to keep a productive and happy one.

Yes, you certainly feel good as an employer knowing that you’re helping to provide your employee, their family, and other loved ones with a solid financial foundation and great benefits. But you also know that you need to be aware of the bottom line also, so you may have multiple reasons for wanting to keep folks happy who work for your company.

We’re assuming that you already know that proper compensation and a good benefit package motivate employees.

Here are 3 ways to help ensure that your employees are satisfied and to help you improve your bottom line at the same time:

1. Ask them what their motivation is for obtaining the position when you interview them. They may be highly qualified and very personable candidates, but if you hire someone who is only motivated by money, or only motivated by the ability to supervise others in the future–and those opportunities don’t present themselves–than you will have issues.
2. Ask them what their expectations are of you as a business owner or manager. Inform them of what your expectations are of them as well. We all know that unmatched expectations are the downfall of any relationship, especially in the workplace.
3. Once employed, provide them with the opportunity to give feedback, and just as importantly, provide feedback to them. Uncertainly is an insidious factor in the workplace. Giving and receiving feedback not only helps to avoid dissatisfaction, but it also motivates the employee and assists in retaining them for a longer time (all while they are happy).

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