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Embrace Workplace Diversity and Thrive


There are similarities and differences in all facets of your employees’ lives. Diversity in the workplace is more than racial differences. Common aspects of diversity include, but are not limited to: accent, age, disability, ethnicity, family status, sex, gender identity/expression, introvert vs extrovert, language, neurodiversity, physical characteristics, political preference, race/color, religion/belief/spirituality, sexual orientation, veteran status, and weight.

Our recent work-from-home (WFH) global shift creates space for more diversity in the workforce, as people who were unable to work in a traditional setting are now being included, which strengthens your organization. WFH naturally removes location bias and increases an organization’s geographical diversity, which can broaden diversity in age, culture, ethnicity, gender, mobility challenges, race, and sexual orientation. Instead of focusing on hiring those who “fit” your company’s culture, shift to a “culture add” mindset; look for potential employees who expand your company’s outlook.

Prejudices hamper growth, while diversity fights unconscious bias. Ultimately, embracing diversity in the workplace allows organizations to develop creative solutions that relate to our diverse world. McKinsey’s research shows that ethnically diverse and gender-diverse companies perform 35% and 15% better than peer companies, respectively. Fostering an inclusive, diverse organization improves company culture, employee retention, and engagement. Increased employee engagement can lead to collaboration, communication, and ultimately company success. As employees with a variety of skills work together, they generate innovative ideas that are productive, progressive, and profitable. A diverse workforce’s insights into a range of clients and their needs helps your organization thrive. Ultimately, this appreciation of your customer base improves employer brand and global reputation.

Does your business/organization have a DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) plan? A quality DEI encompasses diversity in work styles, characteristics, and experiences that set employees apart. Your organization needs to learn how to leverage these attributes in conjunction with your business objectives. A team composed of individuals with diverse attributes, insights, and work practices will be more prosperous.  However, DEI is not a one-off training; it is continuous education that evolves with your employees and organization. It takes years to build a strong DEI program and there are specialists who can help you. HR Synergy encourages you to reach out to these specialists to create and implement your company’s DEI plan. 

If you are unsure how to navigate more diverse hiring practices, HR Synergy is happy to help you. Click here to contact us.