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It’s not about the money, they leave because ….

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Truths from a Recruiter…….

I interview a great number of candidates throughout the year.  Some of these candidates are in-transition and others are still employed.  I am always very interested when I get to sit across from a highly-qualified candidate who is employed and looking for a new position.  Why are they leaving?

Time-and-time again the number one reason that these employees are looking to leave is not about the money, it’s about ‘happiness’.  This has been the reoccurring mantra of the very skilled workforce, the six figure candidates.   They will entertain a position with a smaller company, with less benefits and less money so that they can wake up every morning, be excited about going to work and work on projects that challenge them.   They want to work for a company that appreciates them.  It’s that simple.

As business owners, we must put our employees first – they are our GREATEST assets!  Take a page out of Artie T. DeMoulas’ (Market Basket) playbook, treat your employees with dignity and show them how much you appreciate them.  Communicate effectively, recognize great achievements, listen and recognize their concerns.

If you do not, I will most certainly place them in a company that will!

Angela Roberge, Accurate Staffing, LLC Staffing/Recruiting Specialist for IT, Engineering and Manufacturing [email protected], accuratenh.com, 603-321-1596