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Say What? Workplace Communication

Every member on your team has an important role to play and their own set of responsibilities. We think of your business as a wheel and your employees as individual cogs. If someone does not complete their responsibilities, then the wheel can jam. Effective communication can help prevent those “clogs” and keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. Successful communication in the workplace helps improve morale and ultimately productivity. 

There are 3 main types of communication that you should focus on between your team members/departments: written, verbal, and non-verbal. Both written and verbal communication can be used to accomplish tasks. Active listening through non-verbal communication builds relationships, which can in turn enhance company success.

Poor communication, including discomfort with giving feedback to employees, negatively impacts efficiency and employee morale. If office communication runs smoothly, then so does everything else from turnover rates to your bottom line.

Focus on quality communication in the workplace. If everyone on the team feels heard and understands their role, the wheel, aka your  business, runs smoothly.

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