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I Spy a Resume Lie

With so many employees looking to switch jobs, you may be reading through a high volume of resumes lately. Do you know how to spot inconsistencies and mistruths? In a survey, ResumeLab discovered that 36% of applicants disclose lying on their resumes and 56% admit to “stretching the truth” to appear more experienced. While it shows diligence to verify resumes are completely accurate, who has the time? Here are 7 ways to quickly spot mistruths on resumes before fact-checking any of those you put in the “maybe” pile.

To reduce the chance of potential employees lying, use these 3 interview tips:

  1. Conduct morning interviews. 20-50% of people are more likely to lie in the afternoon.
  2. Arrange interviews face-to-face. This can be achieved in person or using video conferencing.
  3. Administer in-interview testing to verify an applicant’s experience and skills.

Some suspicion is useful when reading resumes -just do not get paranoid as it can be a time and energy suck. In the end, go with your gut.

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