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The Humans Behind the Emails

March is full of things to celebrate!

Did you know that the first week of March is “Universal Human Beings Week”? How can your organization celebrate the art, history, culture, and community of humanity?

Also, March 4 is “Employee Appreciation Day”. Post a picture of your team with how you are honoring them as humans behind the job here

In commemoration of “Universal Human Beings Week” and “Employee Appreciation Day”, I, Michelle Gray, president of HR Synergy, LLC, highlight the importance of her HR Synergy team members and why I appreciate each of them.

Linda is my Compliance Guru. If she’s unsure about something, she’s not going to say anything until she’s 100% confident. Linda works with incredible follow-through.

Jessica is my Numbers Person. The more “numbers projects” I give her, the more she wants. She is our numbers cruncher who keeps going at something until she figures it out.

I don’t know how Rhonda does it. She finds top-notch candidates, even if she must turnover a rock. She never gives up.

All of my team never gives up. They all give 110%.

March 19 is “National Clients Day”. We at HR Synergy, LLC are thankful for you, our clients. Watch for your surprise coming this month as a THANK YOU from us!


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