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When is Action Required?

Your Compliance is Important To Us!

Regulatory compliance is particularly challenging when the regulations themselves are in the process of change.  Ensuring our clients are in compliance is an entirely separate challenge.  Seth Godin says, “The creation of worthwhile work is a duet. The creator has to do her part, but so does the consumer.”

One of our primary functions is to keep our clients out of trouble with OSHA and the Department of Labor, in addition to keeping them out of trouble with their employees.   We do our best by providing educational materials to our clients and our networking partners in the forms of blogs, quarterly newsletters, and even specific e-mails.  Hopefully, you are treating our communications at the same level as those from your lawyer, accountant, or financial advisor so that you are taking the best advantage of our services.

We received some excellent advice from one of our clients about the new OSHA requirement for filing electronically. The client’s valid argument was that he gets 100s of e-mail a day and didn’t recognize the importance of the communication, believing that it didn’t apply to his company.  “If it wasn’t for having that item on the 4th quarter JLMC agenda, we might not have known that the company hadn’t submitted their OSHA 300A form electronically.”  He suggested that when action should be taken by our clients, we should put ACTION REQUIRED in the subject line.  This is an excellent suggestion and one that we’ll try to follow.

If you believe that you may have missed some of our educational topics, please schedule a mock audit with us.  Hopefully, this audit will reveal any areas of non-compliance so corrective action can be taken. Remember, we will provide as few or as many services as you want or need.  You can do the work or have us do the work for you. The bottom line is that your compliance is important to us and should be equally important to you.