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Oh the Places We’ll Go

June is National Great Outdoors Month -it is time to get outside! We seem to spend more time indoors than ever, contributing to stress and disconnectedness. How are you encouraging your office to step outside the office this month and leave technology behind? We all need to take a break from our work and the tiresome day-to-day regimen. Consider encouraging Great Outdoors Month as a company wellness initiative fitness challenge to build a healthier work environment. If you need ideas how to incorporate summer outings into your company culture, check out our blog. Exploring the outdoors is important for our social, mental, physical, and economic well-being, according to over 100 studies.
Experiencing the outdoors aids us in 9 areas:
  1. Intellectual wellness
  2. Relieves sleep problems
  3. Inspires
  4. Exhilarates
  5. Improves physical health
  6. Sounder affinity
  7. Boosts spiritual well-being
  8. Increases volunteering
  9. Creates connectedness
Hear what HR Synergy team member Peter is doing this month to celebrate:
“I will be helping my in-laws prepare for an outdoor wedding in Vermont.
My brother-in-law and his future wife met in translator school in the USAF;
they both are active duty.”
In addition to these activities, you could also hike, bike, picnic, fish, kayak, zip-line, meditate, or swim in a lake. You could also consider participating in these events from the official Great Outdoors Month guide:
Bike travel event- 3-5 June
National Trails Day- 4 June
Free fishing day- 1-9 June
National Get Outdoors Day- 11 June
Outdoor Stewardship Week- 13-17 June
Do you need assistance planning safe outdoor activities for your employees? Click here to contact us.