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Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

June is National Safety Month. Did you know that over 4,100 workplace deaths and 4 million injuries were preventable in 2020?

Now is the time to refer to your OSHA logs and review the incidents that you can prevent. Look for the safety incident patterns in your workplace.

Many safety challenges have been the same for decades and we have evolving risks to consider too this month and year-round. Read our blog about being smart and keeping your workplace safe and fun this summer in regards to weather-related and heat-related issues.

The National Safety Council (NSC) is also presenting their weekly promotions to heighten awareness on safety in the workplace:
-Emergency Preparedness
-Slips, trips, and falls
-Heat-related illness
-Hazard recognition

Want to share your safety pride? Consider Downloading the #gogreenforsafety sign to post on social media and around the office.

You can also encourage your employees to the their commitment to safety seriously by taking the SafeAtWork Pledge.
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