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Save yourself the $$$ headache: Schedule Your Mock DOL Audit Today!

As the Department of Labor (DOL) and US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) increase their scrutiny on employer practices, it is important for companies to ensure compliance with Federal and State labor laws and regulations. A DOL audit can have a significant impact, leading to fines ranging from $500 to a staggering $5,000,000. 


To avoid potential financial and moral risks, consider conducting a mock DOL audit with HR Synergy LLC. Our comprehensive audit will help you identify areas you are doing well and areas of risk of non-compliance and tools to take corrective action, ensuring your company is well-prepared for any future DOL inspection.


What is a Mock DOL Audit? A mock DOL audit is a proactive approach to assess your company’s employment practices throughout the employee life cycle. Our team at HR Synergy LLC gathers detailed information, similar to what the DOL inspectors would examine during a real audit. By conducting this simulation, we can identify potential strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to address any compliance issues before they become a problem.

Recently, we conducted a mock DOL audit for a client and identified significant areas of concern. Outdated federal and state labor laws posters, potential HIPAA and personal information exposure, I-9 form non-compliance, inaccurate timekeeping records, and inconsistent pay practices were some of the critical issues we uncovered. If this small company were subjected to a real DOL audit, they could have faced fines of approximately 3.2 million dollars.


Take Action Today: Are you confident that your business can ace a DOL audit? Don’t wait for a real inspection to reveal compliance issues that could cost your company dearly. Schedule your mock DOL audit with HR Synergy LLC today by calling (603) 261-2402. Our experts will help you identify your compliance exposure and work with you to establish a strong foundation of compliance. We recommend conducting a mock audit annually to stay ahead of potential risks and maintain a compliant workplace environment. Remember, your compliance is crucial to us and should be equally important to you.

Schedule your mock DOL audit with us today!