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The Eye in the Sky: MONITORING offsite work

Do you have hourly remote workers? Do you monitor their offsite work? 


Employers must have very clear policies about how hourly employees will record their time worked and clear policies when employees “are not on-the-clock”. 


Hourly employees checking emails off-hours is compensable time and a performance issue. Policies need to clearly outline expectations of the employee’s work hours. This is a “HOT-BUTTON” issue that employers should not ignore!!!!


Now is the time to review and/or revise your remote-work policies. HR Synergy’s “HR at Your Service” is a great resource to aid you in this endeavor to help you balance the fine-line between legally monitoring and being overbearing. 


5 tips for employers to weigh the pros and cons of monitoring remote workers:

  1. Consider How Technology Can Help
  1. Recognize that Compliance Is Complicated

-Privacy rights and the relevant monitoring laws at the federal, state, and local levels

-Safeguard personal information

  1. Review the Patchwork of Laws
  1. Focus on Morale
  1. Weigh the Alternatives


Overall, employers need to clarify the differences between productivity and respecting their employees’ privacy and morale. Monitoring can offer valuable insights and benefits, but it should be implemented with careful consideration of legal requirements and employee concerns.


Remember that the legal landscape may continue to evolve, so it’s essential to stay informed about relevant developments in this area. Seeking guidance and staying up-to-date with the latest information can help employers navigate these considerations effectively.

Contact us today as we can help through “HR At Your Service.”