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Are You Recruiting Ready?

Companies are investing more on the front-end starting with targeted recruitment strategies to attract and retain strong hires, since turnover is costly. 

The key company features that job candidates are looking for today include work-life balance appreciated, flexibility, and supportive environment. HR Synergy can help optimize touch-points and streamline processes within the hiring process.

Students are heading back to campus. Is your company ready for recruiting season?

A recent study from Bersin by Deloitte revealed that merely sharing current opportunities is not enough to get your brand recognized. Successful campus recruiting hinges on continuous campus appearances to allow organic personal networking to occur. 52% of 500 18-24 year old college students surveyed by Google reported personal networking as the best way to land a job in their field over career fairs, digital job boards, and career services.

To capitalize on current students’ interest in personal networking, boost your organization’s relationships with related campus groups and key faculty, not just career services. Interacting with students during club activities relevant to your business can help you find inherently motivated employees who connect with your mission. A Recruiting Benchmarks Survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers observed over 82% of companies now utilize campus clubs for recruitment.

Building relationships with faculty can give you insight into prospective employees and create opportunities to recruit students more personally. Consider campus sponsorships and affiliate programs tangentially related to your organization to build personal connections with targeted groups of students and give your brand campus exposure. 

We can assist you as you develop and adjust your recruiting strategy and help you attract talented graduates. Reach out today to learn about our Full-Service Recruiting.

In addition to being strategic with where you interact with students, you should also be deliberate with the representatives from your organization that you send for recruitment. Consider sending a hiring manager or others that employees most likely will interact regularly with once hired. Also consider sending a representative with a connection to the school or club event itself.

Don’t forget to account for what happens after the hire from communication prior to start date to onboarding. More than 20% of new hires leave within one year and attribute their departure to poor onboarding. We at HR Synergy can aid your business in developing quality onboarding strategies that give clear understanding of their role, performance expectations, company culture, and equip new hires with resources needed to thrive in your organization.

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