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What will your workplace look like after COVID?

Are you planning to have employees return to the office? Work 100% remote? A combination of the two? If you are planning a combination of in-office and remote workers, you should be thinking about office safety and collaboration between remote and on-site employees.

There are three ways to mitigate risks to in-office employees. First, continue at-home, self-screening of COVID-19 symptoms. Next, arrange for transparent testing protocols that conserve employee privacy and protects the health of others. Finally, readily provide official documents certifying ability to work when needed.

COVID has made remote working the rule rather than the perk. But motivators are different for  remote workers. Instead of benefits like parking or on-site gyms, you may want to think beyond short-term incentives. Remote teams need to feel valued or they will look elsewhere for a job. Being aware of what’s going on in remote workers’ lives is more challenging than reading the office atmosphere. If you feel there is conflict in the team, intervene immediately to prevent escalation. You want remote workers to feel part of the team emotionally and technically connected. Make files and calendars accessible to employees by using software like Basecamp. Also, make technology available to alleviate at-home workers’ computer and internet frustrations. Check in with your remote workers regularly to make sure their needs are being met. Remember that your remote workers have unique challenges and it’s important to address those to see if they need additional support. As remote work might not end for some employees even when the pandemic passes, pay the same. “Equal pay for equal work” regardless of where your employees reside. Keep a successful team by looking after them and you will be rewarded by satisfied, fruitful, and dedicated employees.

The combination of remote/on-site employees (hybrid model) presents additional considerations beyond those above. Will on-site be flexible to the employee’s choice or employers? Employers providing this option are asked to consider office coverage and in-person team collaboration opportunities when determining schedules that work best for all.  

Navigating this changing work landscape can be stressful, and requires pivoting. We can help you maintain employee safety, sustain compliance, and keep your office culture positive. We’re here to support you to create a seamless transition. Contact us today for more information. Learn how HR Synergy can help simplify your HR needs.