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What will the new …… “NORMAL” be for employers!

These past several weeks have taught all of us to shift gears without notice and consider how we will continue to conduct business efficiently while being empathetic to the needs of our employees and our communities.  Yet to come, is how will we handle returning to work after the pandemic?
Like so many, a normal day is no longer normal.   At HR Synergy our current normal ranges from attending webinars, research to learn and understand new acronyms (FFCRA, CARES Act, PPP, EIDL, etc.) to help small businesses and employers understand how to make decisions around workforce reduction, furlough, and layoffs; and presenting webinars.  The Department of Labor has been publishing updates regularly regarding changes and FAQ’s.
Shifting our focus to how can we help our clients and other small businesses prepare for the next phase.  We need to begin thinking about how will we transition the workforce back to the normal before COVID-19? Some challenges employers will face:
  • Who is essential to return to the “office or work site”?
  • Considering work areas, how will you continue to ensure the safety of our teams and their employees?
  • Schools are online for the remainder of the school year, what alternative plan will you consider for parents who need to be home with their children?
  • Employees who want to work remote may have proved their ability to be productive, meet deadlines while working from home while caring for school-aged children.  Are you prepared for this?
  • The essential employee you need to come back to work and refuses, not feeling comfortable that it’s safe ~ what to do?
I have no doubt that we’ll figure it out.  The NH Community is absolutely amazing! All have been creative, adaptable and compliant to do our part during the COVID-19 Pandemic. I’m grateful and proud to be a apart of such an amazing community!
Some days can be more exhausting than others and it’s important to be sure and take time for you.  When I am in need a break, I enjoy making masks and donating them to family members and local hospitals!
If you are unsure how to navigate these decisions and communicate with your team the how and why, HR Synergy is happy to help you.  Click here to contact us