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Pre-Employment Drug Testing

One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is operational efficiency, and that extends through every level of a company’s infrastructure, from the way the computer network is maintained to the system of management used to organize employees. But there’s one area that has, in recent years, grown in importance, and that is hiring. After all, the hiring process is an extremely critical component of a workplace that can potentially affect every level of a company. When there’s an absence in an important position, work suffers. When a new person is hired, resources must be diverted for orientation or training, if it’s required. And if an employee resigns or is dismissed, this creates another hole that makes work challenging for everyone.

This is why now, more than ever, hiring the right person is an incredibly important aspect of management. And therefore, pre-employment drug testing can play a vital role in making sure that not only does the right person get the job, but no time, money or other resources are wasted on the wrong people holding onto the job for some critical period, only to create more problems with their inevitable dismissal. Often when hiring a liability, you end up owning that liability.

A person’s private life is their own affair, there’s no argument about that. However, when private activities begin to interfere with professional obligations, then it becomes a problem not just for the individual but for the organization that individual is affiliated with. Pre-employment drug testing is one of the best ways to keep problems from even occurring in the first place, and is an effective, front-line defensive and preventive measure to ensure that a working, efficient, established system in a workplace continues to operate that way without disruption.

An established, scrupulously applied pre-employment drug testing program can help a company hire the right candidate for that job!

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Holiday Office Party Planning Tips

Holiday office parties are often anticipated all year long. They’re a great chance to boost morale and appreciation within your workplace. Finding that balance between fun and responsible can be a little tricky for businesses sometimes. It can be hard to determine what you’ll have at your party and what level of professionalism you should try to maintain. As you go into planning and party mode, remember to keep the big picture in mind.

Parties and Professionalism

It’s important to remember that your employees still represent your business, even at the holiday office party. If you are hosting your party at an off-site venue, make your expectations clear to your employees. Let them know how to dress, what to expect, and if it is an employee-only event beforehand. This helps your employees come with certain expectations and an understanding of what will be appropriate for the event. Clue them into any relevant details, including how formal the party will be. This is totally dependent on you and what you want the party to be like—you can steer the event to represent your business well, even while having fun.

Should there be Drinking?

Holiday parties are often synonymous with alcohol, but there are several things to consider. First, if you are hosting your party at an off-site venue, they may require you to pay an extra fee or only use their bar for alcohol. Some venues do not allow any outside beverages, so it’s important to clarify this before the big event.

Also consider your employees: What would be appropriate? What types of risks could be involved if you allow alcohol? Are there any employees driving company cars that prohibits any consumption? There are always risks, as well as pros and cons, when trying to decide what should be allowed at bigger events. As the business owner, it’s important to make prudent and considerate decisions. The holiday party is a great night for your employees, but your business needs to run well for the rest of the year!

planning your office holiday party

Have a Safe and Fun-Filled Holiday Season!

We’d like to wish everyone a healthy, joyful and safe Holiday Season! At HR Synergy, we know that employees are everything. When it comes to taking care of your business and employees, only the best will do! Let HR Synergy help you with taking care of the most important aspects of your business, and get ready for a fantastic new year!


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